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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between the IAESTE Online Career Fair and a usual Job Portal?

A Job Portal is a static platform with jobs, which is continuously online. The IAESTE Online Career Fair is an online event which allows direct live interaction between participants. It is online for a certain period only. Online Job Portals usually have a large number of signed up users, but a majority of users might not actively be searching for a new challenge when your vacancy is posted. At an online event, people have to actively join the event during a limited period. Therefore there is a higher probability of targeting people who are searching for new career possibilities at the moment. Additionally, you have a larger variety of options to present your company than in a classical job portal.

  • The event is online for two weeks. Does this mean that I have to be online all the time during this period?

No, you decide when and how often you will be online. Your virtual booth will have the possibility to communicate the times when you are online for visitors.

  • Can people access information from my booth when I am not online?

Yes, all uploaded information is also available on the platform when you are offline. You will appear offline in the message window, but visitors can still leave messages for you, which you can answer as soon as you are online again.

  • It is nice that you do promotion in more than 20 countries, but I am only searching for applicants from certain countries. Can I state somehow that I only want candidates from certain countries?

Yes, you can state in your profile that only candidates from certain countries will be taken into consideration.

  • My company has no experience with online career fairs. What can we expect from an event like that?

An Online Event is a very effective tool for making a first contact with a large number of potentially interested employees. It combines the advantages of a career fair (direct interaction, possibility to answer individual questions in real time, possibility to ask the candidates questions directly) with the advantages of a job portal (large amount of written information about candidates in filterable form, larger reach than a local event, extensive statistical analysis of response to your offer and activities). Therefore it is a perfect solution for pre-selecting the most suitable candidates for further job interviews.

  • Do you only target students or do I also have a chance to find graduates and people with working experience at your event?

Our campaigns at universities mainly target students and recent graduates. With our online promotion activities and through our cooperation with various partners we also reach out to young professionals, but our main target group is engineering & science students and recent graduates.

  • How does the messaging function exactly work and is it also usable for more than two users?

The messaging function works like a forum or online discussion. Visitors can address questions to your booth and your representatives can answer them. All visitors can see what has been written, therefore you won’t get asked the same questions several times.

  • Do you have any references from former events or is this something totally new?

A similar event has been performed for a smaller region in autumn 2013. For further information about statistics of participation during the event take a look at the gallery of the last event. Read the feedback of a company which participated in 2013: company report

  • How do I upload my material and offers and when does it need to be uploaded?

The event platform will be open for uploading material between 20.10.2014 - 27.10.2014. There will be a step-by-step guide distributed to all participating companies beforehand, with detailed explanations about how to upload material to the platform.

  • What kind of material can be uploaded?

Job vacancies, company descriptions, web links, videos.

  • Will there be an IT help desk during the document uploading period and during the event?

IAESTE members will support you with any upcoming IT related questions before and during the event.